Background to TWCT & Tarvin Community Woodland Run

The Tarvin Community Woodland Trust has been part of the community since 1997 and became a Charitable Trust in 2008. The Trust manages the area that is 13 acres and 1 km in length along the edge of the bypass that connects Tarporley to the Tarvin Roundabout. Through the donation of time and effort from a group of hard-working volunteers and input from the community, hundreds of commemorative oak and other native hardwood trees have been planted.

The Trust hopes to continue managing the long-term environmental scheme that helps develop the area into a natural open woodland consisting of only native flora and fauna. By supporting the Trust, we will be able to continue to maintain and provide improvement to the Woodland.

The Trust aims to support, protect and celebrate natural habitats within the area to improve both the quality of life locally, and for all that visit. We can’t wait for you to explore the Woodland during our event!

A group of enthusiastic volunteers decided they wanted to further promote the use of the Woodland for the residents of Tarvin. Their aim is to encourage more people to use the Woodland whilst also holding an event that would provide a fantastic opportunity to raise funds for its continued upkeep. The Trust rallied together to involve different community members, some with running backgrounds, to organise the big day on the 17th September 2023. Lots of meetings, time and hard effort has gone into planning what we hope to be a fantastic event for the local community. It would mean a lot if you are able to come and support the fantastic runners and volunteers on the day!




Infant Run (Ages 4-7)


Junior Run (Ages 8-11)


Adult Run (Ages 12+)